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        Wearable athlete tracking technology for professional sport teams

        With over 15 years of experience in athlete performance tracking systems for elite sport teams, Polar player tracking solutions offer proven technology to make objective performance decisions on-the-go.

        These teams rely on Polar

        Polar Team Pro

        Polar Team Pro

        GPS-based athlete tracking system
        • High-precision 10Hz GPS derived movement data
        • Inertial sensor metrics powered by 200Hz 3D MEMS motion sensor
        • Integrated heart rate with scientifically proven accuracy
        • Easy athlete management through a secure cloud-based solution

        Designed for professional team sports, Polar Team Pro combines high-precision GPS-derived movement data, inertial sensor metrics and integrated heart rate monitoring into a mobile and easy-to-use wearable player tracking system. Get valuable insights into athlete performance, prevent injuries associated with overtraining and win more games through actionable, science-based training data.

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        Polar Team Pro Player Tracking System

        Polar Team Pro

        Real-time performance data with elite level of accuracy.

        Polar Team Pro

        Baselayer smart shirt with integrated heart rate measurement.

        Polar Team Pro

        Easy syncing of training data and sensor recharging.

        Polar Team Pro
        App & Web

        Cloud-based athlete management system to track and analyze team performance.
        Polar Team

        Polar Team

        Indoor team sport athlete tracking system
        • Optimized for indoor team sports
        • Easy-to-use player tracking on the go
        • Real-time heart rate and post-session reports

        Polar Team player monitoring system shows your players’ accurate real-time heart rate data in every indoor sport. Take advantage of easy-to-use player tracking analytics and make objective decisions throughout the season.

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        Get Polar Team app for your team

        H10 heart rate sensor

        H10 heart rate sensor

        The go-to choice for accuracy and connectivity

        $ 89.95

        H9 heart rate sensor

        H9 heart rate sensor

        $ 59.95



        Optical heart rate sensor

        $ 79.95

        Polar Team app

        Get it now for free

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