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        Polar Unite

        Polar Unite Fitness Watch Out Now

        Train smarter, sleep better and find the balance in your life with the new Polar Unite fitness watch.

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        Fitness Quiz

        Test your fitness knowledge and enter to win a soon-to-be-released Polar fitness watch!

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        The Perfect Match

        Professional Racing Driver Valtteri Bottas Teams Up with Polar

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        Smart Coaching, Smarter Training

        We turn your training data into personalized, actionable guidance.

        Data you can count on

        Get truly accurate insights into your training, sleep and activity.

        Tools for progress

        Our comprehensive, easy-to-use workout analysis tools help you reach your goals faster.

        Athletes all around the world rely on polar to optimize their performance.

        Follow their lead.

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        Find training inspiration

        Polar Unite Vs. Polar Ignite – Which Fitness Watch is Right For Me?
        Polar Unite Vs. Polar Ignite – Which Fitness Watch is Right For Me?

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        Polar Unite – Helping Everyone Achieve Better Fitness, Recovery & Wellbeing
        Polar Unite – Helping Everyone Achieve Better Fitness, Recovery & Wellbeing

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        The Kickstart Guide To Trail Running
        The Kickstart Guide To Trail Running

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        Polar Workout Generator
        Polar Workout Generator

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        If your country/region is not listed on this page, please find your local contact details, retailers and stores and service points on our global site.

        NEW OPERATING HOURS: The Polar Singapore office will be resuming operating hours from 11am-3pm from Monday to Friday from 22nd June 2020 onwards. However, due to the global outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid19), we strongly advise you to purchase from our website during this period of time. You will receive your item within 2-3 weeks after your order has been received (except weekends and public holidays).

        REPAIRS: For repairs, you are allowed to bring to our office for servicing. However, we will not allow customers to linger in our office after they have sent in their repairs as we would like to reduce the amount of contact. We will send the repaired device via Singpost once it's done and it's free of charge!

        We thank you for your patience and during this period of difficult time! Meanwhile, #STAYSTRONG!